Here I am going to write about some of the nicest beaches that we have visited so far. Some of those beaches are in the US and some in India. I will also mention about some that are on our "To Visit" list. 

Beaches are some place that has to offer natural beauty. It is sometimes sad to note how commercialized the beaches have become and how humans have privatized them.

Twin Lakes State Beach, Santa Cruz, California

The Twin Lakes State Beaches are a few of the great swimming beaches in California and is located in the Santa Cruz County. We chose to go to the Sea Bright Beach as it is a little quieter and can see more birds. Its was about an hour drive for us so was fun for a one day getaway.

Its easy to get there but can be difficult to find a parking spot on holidays and weekends. We being early risers were first to arrive at the beach. A beautiful sunny day by the water. The area provides activities like hiking and biking but we preferred to stay at the beach and enjoy the sun and water on the lovely white sand. 

The kids could enjoy playing with the sand and water and we had a wonderful barbecue along with taking turns to get into the water.