We love to camp and being close to nature. Here are some of our camping trips and how we explored the areas. I will try to share the best of the best. Enjoy !!!

Peninsula State Park, Wisconsin

Door County is one of the most popular camping spots in the mid-west US. It is one of the most sought after places to visit during the fall season. Even though we couldn't manage our fall camp trip but here is our camp trip during the summers in 2013. It was awesome. 

We camped at the Peninsula State Park. Peninsula state park is covered with white Cedar wood trees and has abundant natural beauty. The facilities were great and it was well maintained. We were able to get a walk-in campsite but had to switch the next day as it was only available for a night. 

Our Campsite

This trip had to offer a lot. Some activities that can be enjoyed are biking, hiking and water sports like kayaking, board surfing and speed boats.

Day 1 involved reaching the campsite and setting it up. After the setup we spent time taking a stroll in the beautiful small city of Fish Creek and enjoyed what it had to offer. As it got dark we reached back to our camp along with some firewood.

We were ready for the day 2 early as the sun came up. Picked up the bikes and took to the trails to enjoy nature. One thing that we had already learned from our biking experience was to keep the local map handy and that definitely helped us on our way back.

On our way back we stopped at the small beach. it required us to climb down the rocks and spent some time there to enjoy the water and view.

After spending our morning at the beach and the bike trails in the state park, we decided to do some site seeing and exploring the area. So started our motors on Hwy 42 and headed north upto NorthPort and took a car ferry ride to Detroit harbor on Washington Island. 

It is a small beautiful island in the Michigan lake and even though we were still in the central somehow our phone clocks changed the timezones :) . Probably we were just at the border.

Washington island very small island and the strait between the Door County Peninsula and the island connects Green Bay and Lake Michigan. It runs just about 5-6 miles in length and width. The island also has certain beautiful spots to be seen. Due to the tight time schedule we just visited a couple. One of them being the beautiful and serene School House Beach.

The other one was the Mountain Park Steps and the Lookout Tower. The Tower is on top of a hill and we need to climb 186 steps to get the top view of the island. It provides a great view of the island and the waters surrounding it.

The Lookout Tower

We began our journey back to our camp where we got some great views of the sun going down and the water. After reaching the campsite enjoyed the barbecue and at night had a great campfire.

Day 3 again came early with lots of energy. We decided to enjoy some water again at the Nicolet Bay by renting out some kayaks and went out into the deep waters of the bay.

Enjoying the water with our little one

Soon after that we had our lunch and started our drive back home. The journey came to am end with a load full of memories created to be cherished forever. This was one great experience especially with a little 16 month old along with us in the woods.

Keep enjoying with us on our trips. Will share more with you soon.

On our drive back home !!!

Portola Redwood State Park, California

Portola Redwood State Park is one of the many great and awesome state parks in California. It is located in the San Mateo County and covered with tall redwood trees that stretch upto 300 feet high. The vegetation also includes Douglas fir and Oak.

It offers an amazing hiking trails which is almost 18 miles of stretch. It is a combination os various smaller trails that are interconnected. Two beautiful creeks, Fall creek and Pescadera creek are main water sources in the state park.

Scenic view of the Redwoods

We camped for two nights here and had some great time. Day 1 just involved checking in and setting up our campsite and the real fun was day 2. We again had to change the site ... A bummer we couldn't manage to get a site for 2 nights. 

All packed in we went ahead for our hike the next morning. Picked up the Old Tree Trail and then the  Slate Creek trail upto Page Mill and then back via the summit trail. Had some great hike up and down of about 5.5 miles.

All drained by the end of the day, we were again setup for the night. Kids were down soon after the tiring day and we had a relaxing campfire.

Next morning came up with great sunshine and after a hearty breakfast we were ready to roll back home. Some awesome time we had that weekend. 

Will Have more coming soon. Keep checking back.