Saturday, August 13, 2016

Everything You Were Afraid to Ask About Roadkill - NatGeo

We love to travel and we really love to travel :)

We travel at all times of the day may be due to different reasons. Sometimes early in the morning to beat some holiday/vacation traffic during long weekends and also during the nights which is mostly when we want to reach a destination or finishing up our trip and just reaching home.

During the nights it may happen that while in our hurry to reach we might stun a little being who may be on a prowl and just happen to hit them. If that happens on a highway we definitely cannot stop as there may be a lot of traffic behind which may lead to a mishap. So we just have to leave that poor being there and go away. But a question may always remain in our minds ...

What would have happened to that little creature ?

When we are driving early in the morning though we have just few travelers who may be just like us driving early to beat some later traffic BUT we may also find some of the little creatures who became victims of a Roadkill by some of the late travelers just like us.

So just happened to come across this article from NatGeo where they have discussed about some Roadkills and what happens to them after they are found. Hope you enjoy !!!