Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Scenic 101

As we moved forward to our #AwesomeRoadTrip our next destination was in #TheEvergreenState that is none other than Washington. But we had miles to cover and just a few hours left to call it a day. So our stop was still in Oregon state as you all know.

The next day we started our journey towards Washington but by how spoilt we are by now by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest we couldnt resist ourselves to enjoy following the scenic routes of the coast. So we were on the Scenic 101. Just driving by the beautiful coast crossing the serene countyside and enjoying the beauty.

Fellow Travellers
So we were driving from Raymond towards Shoalwater Bay. Another small and beautiful town with some Indian Heritage still there.


Soon we crossed Aberdeen (Another small town on the scenic way) and the Hwy took us right into Quinault, where we supposedly thought will be able to camp for the night.

Towards our destination

And look we are almost there !!!


Well, do you really think so ??