Saturday, July 30, 2016

Have you ever been to a Rainforest ? - Part 1

Since my childhood, no actually from the time I read about Rainforests in my course textbooks in school, I had always dreamed of being able to be in a rainforest sometime in my life.

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And fortunately our #AwesomeRoadTrip gave me a chance to visit one of the very few Temperate Rainforests of the world. It was the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Forest.

Once again as were moving forward on our #AwesomeRoadTrip we had a destination to reach but did not have an accomodation. Exciting, isn't it :)

Well not too much with a toddler and an infant along, however we did not have much choice as except 3, all campgrounds in Qlympic National Forest are First come First Serve and infact Self Serve. You would ask me what is this Self Serve? You just drive to the campground and  you would find a board will all the spots that are available at that campground and if there is an empty one just pick up the envelope and deposit your envelop and reserve your spot and you are done. Its that easy BUT, what if there isnt any spot left. You dont have internet or phones working deep in the forest to find a hotel, right ??

So my tip is to reach the campground by latest by 5 pm and thats around the time most people are either getting back to their camps or looking for a spot. The chances are better that you will find something rather than getting stranded late in the night.

So while getting into the Qlympic National Forest we made a stop at the Quinault Lake hoped to get a spot there but unfortunately everything was taken quiet early in the evening. So we decided to move forward towards the Kalaloch Beach Campground but we knew that our chances of finding something there are grim as this one allows you to reserve a spot online and well that happened and we were forced to look for something else. We took our chances and started heading to the forest. The next could just be the Hoh Rainforest Campground which is about 18 miles from the Highway 101 and takes about 35 minutes.

We headed deep into the woods and lucky enough to get one of the two spots that were left there and also lucky that there was enough daylight available to set ourselves up there are get some food fixed. We made sure to get two nights there so that we don't face the same situation again. With all that adventure for the day we retired and went off to sleep with the soothing sound of the Hoh River gushing besides the campground.

The next day had a new adventure in store so stay tuned for that. Till then happy reading to you.