Monday, August 24, 2015

What do these Wildfires Cost ??

This is my first post about our #AwesomeRoadTrip that lasted 16 days and about what I was so eager to share.

This is something not very awesome that I am sharing. Just after seeing a news footage of how fast the fires are spreading, this morning, I had some thoughts running in my mind that I wanted to share. 

We experienced 2 wildfires just a few miles from our first stop and even had to change our course of travel because of the impact those Wildfires were making in the forests in Oregon near Crater Lake.
The Highway was closed for two days in a row that we were there. Not sure how much longer that would have stayed like that.

We could hear the helicopters hover over us trying to capture those fires. The officials on duty told us that there were around 400 firefighters inside the forest too, that were working on it.

Pictures taken from top of mountain near Crater Lake.
The fire is miles away from us.

The Day 1 that we got know about them they measured about 400 acres and 200 acres respectively, which kept increasing day by day and believe me these were not the only ones we came across. The amount of smoke they created made some of the fellow campers and backpackers that were hiking towards the mountains, get back down as they were not able to breath properly.

Just after driving through a different route to reach our second stop, we had to make a night stop at a hotel just because the highway was closed due to a wildfire very close to the highway. Fortunately they were able to get it under control in a couple of hours and the highway was open by the morning. We could definitely see the impact around us.

There were numerous others that we came across. 

In another experience the San Juan and Orca Islands were all covered with haze due to the smoke from  wildfire. To top everything, it made it difficult to breath even inside the car as there was so much smoke around and this continued almost all through our 200 - 250 miles drive through Oregon on our way back. 

Smoke is visible on the trees in the pictures but it was everywhere

But the real question is what does it take and cost the government to get rid of any such fire when it happens ? With so many evacuations taking place due to the fires, what does it cost the people living around ? Can these be prevented ? What do you say ?